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2023 Most Enhanced Awards

 2023 Most Enhanced Awards

Landmarks Association's Most Enhanced Ceremony, held on Wednesday, June 14th, proved to be a resounding success, leaving attendees in awe of the incredible transformations showcased. The event took place at 9th Street Abbey, located at 1808 S. 9th Street, offering a perfect backdrop to celebrate the restoration and preservation efforts within our community.


The evening unfolded with an atmosphere brimming with community spirit as preservation enthusiasts and architectural aficionados gathered to witness the unveiling of 12 remarkable projects. From historic buildings brought back to their former glory to revitalized institutional spaces, each project presented striking before-and-after images, demonstrating the powerful transformative impact to our built environment.


As an organization dedicated to preserving our community's architectural heritage, Landmarks Association values the opportunity to honor and recognize individuals and organizations that embody the spirit of preservation. The Most Enhanced awards ceremony celebrates their tireless efforts in maintaining the richness and character of our city's architectural landscape.


2023 Most Enhanced Projects List


4021 Iowa Ave. - Former St. Thomas of Aquinas School

1.      4021 Iowa Ave. - Former St. Thomas of Aquinas School

a.     Owner: 4021 Iowa LLC (subsidiary of Blackline Design + Construction)

b.     Architect(s): Blackline Design + Construction

c.     Contractor: Blackline Design + Construction

 4308 Manchester Ave. - The Dogwood in the Grove

2.      4308 Manchester Ave. - The Dogwood in the Grove

a.     Owner: Kelly and Sean Spencer (The Dogwood STL) (The Social Affair, LLC)

b.     Architect(s): Trivers and Associates

c.     Contractor: Paramount Construction / Kyle Miller

 3318 Washington Avenue

3333 Washington Avenue

 3.      3318 & 3333 Washington Avenue

a.     Owner: Kranzberg Arts Foundation

b.     Architect(s): Chandler Ahrens / Open Source Architecture

c.     Contractor: Lockwood Construction & Development

 7135 Canterbury Ave. - Wilkinson Lofts

4.      7135 Canterbury Ave. - Wilkinson Lofts

a.     Owner: 7212 Arsenal, LLC (Brian Minges, Advantes Group subsidiary)

b.     Architect(s): Jeff Hyatt, Trio Creative, LLC

c.     Contractor: Advantes Construction, LLC

d.     Historic Preservation Consultant: Karen Bode Baxter, Preservation Specialist

  4923 Daggett - The Marketplace on the Hill

5.      4923 Daggett - The Marketplace on the Hill

a.       Owner: Mark Erker (Little Trammer LLC) (Catering St louis Events)

b.       Architect(s): Space Architecture

c.       Contractor: Maplewood Contractors

  16 S. Illinois St. - Lofts on the Square

6.      16 S. Illinois St. - Lofts on the Square

a.       Owner: MH Belleville Associates LP

b.       Architect(s): WJW Architects, Mike Jerabek

c.       Contractor: Holland Construction

d.       Development Partner: J. David Dodson (Bywater Development)

e.       Historic Preservation Consultant: Michael Allen (Preservation Research Office)

  725 Kingsland Ave. - Lewis Collaborative

7.      725 Kingsland Ave. - Lewis Collaborative

a.       Owner:        Lewis Center ML, LLC

b.       Architect(s): Lawrence Group (Greg Trost)

c.       Contractor: HBD Construction, Inc. (now Russell)

  4751 Morgan Ford Rd. - Little Bevo

8.      4751 Morgan Ford Rd. - Little Bevo

a.       Owner: Jumpstart Properties, LLC (Nicholas Freund)

b.       Architect(s): J.P. Melton Design

c.       Contractor:  -

d.       Historic Preservation Consultant: Maureen McMillan, Preservation Consultant

 4701 Northwest Dr. - West Gatehouse

9.      4701 Northwest Dr. - West Gatehouse

a.       Owner: Tower Grove Park

b.       Architect(s): SmithGroup - Jim Sheperd, AIA, LEED

c.       Contractor: Vanstar Construction - Nick Hugeback

  2127 N 11th St. - Webster School Senior Apartments

10.  2127 N 11th St. - Webster School Senior Apartments

a.       Owner: Lewis McKinney (Webster School Senior Apartments LP)

b.       Architect(s): Melissa Cox - Ebersoldt + Associates Architecture

c.       Contractor: Double Diamond Construction

 4175 Shaw Blvd. - Baileys’ Range on Shaw

11.  4175 Shaw Blvd. - Baileys’ Range on Shaw

a.       Owner:        David & Kara Bailey (Baileys’ Restaurants)

b.       Architect(s): Kyle Nottmeier

c.       Contractor: Spiegelglass

 5266 Maple Ave.

12.  5266 Maple Ave.

a.       Owner: 5266 Maple LLC (Erica Henderson and Guy Slay)

b.       Architect(s): Jeff McGee, St. Louis Design Alliance

c.       Contractor: Mangrove LLC

d.      Historic Preservation Consultant: Karen Bode Baxter, Preservation Specialist



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About the Most Enhanced Awards:

The Most Enhanced Awards recognizes outstanding examples of restoration, rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse of St. Louis’ architectural heritage. Winners are selected based on the difficulty of the project, the historical or architectural significance of the building, diversity of building type and development entity, the capacity of the project to have a transformational effect on its surrounding area, and the project’s power to inspire.


About Landmarks Association:

Landmarks Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, protection, and promotion of the architectural heritage and cultural resources of our community. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, Landmarks Association strives to safeguard our city's historic fabric and promote a vibrant and sustainable future.