Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Several Large Rehabilitation Projects Appear Back On Track

| by Andrew B. Weil, Researcher

Recently, I have noticed some small-scale gut rehabs happening again in my neighborhood (Tower Grove East). While many rehabbers took a bit of a hiatus over the past year or two, the large dumpsters and building permits are now starting to reappear. In addition, according to an article in the St. Louis Business Journal published on February 26, Chris Goodson and Gilded Age Development are moving ahead with the renovation of what appears to be the rest of the vacant buildings on the former City Hospital/Georgian Condominiums site. In addition, there are rumors that a portion of the vacant site north of the hospital on Park may be home to an expansion of the Sappington Farmer's Market. More welcome news arrived when The Lawrence Group announced plans to resume work on their renovation and re-purposing of the former Missouri Pacific Building (210 N. 13th Street) this spring.  Link to Post Dispatch Article.  Meanwhile, rehabilitation continues at 1015 Locust, (the former headquarters of the Kinloch Telephone Company and later the Farm & Home Savings Association building) and the Avenida, the former Mark Lemp Footware building at 1235 Washington and one of the last buildings on Washington to be redeveloped. So, with spring approaching it appears that rehabilitation and development in the city of St. Louis, temporarily frozen, are beginning to thaw out.