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Senate Bill 280 Damaging to Historic Tax Credit Program

The language of Missouri Senate Bill 280 added to Substitute for House Bill 116 (SB116), which recently passed Senate, includes language that would severly damage the Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program.  Introduced by State Senator Chuck Purgason of the 33rd District, the bill modifies tax credits based upon the recommendation of the Missour Tax Credit Review Commission created by Gov. Jay Nixon in July 2010.  The current Historic Tax Credit program, which created over 1,500 jobs in 2010 alone, would be modified by:

However, the proposed economic development bill in the House includes a more reasonable ragne of changes.  Known as Missouri House Bill 905 and attached to House Committe Substitute for Senate Bill 100 (HCSSB100),  includes several modifications based upon recommendations made by the Historic Tax Credit Subcommittee of the Governor's Tax Credit Commission.  These changes include:

Please contact your State Senator and ask them to strongly oppose SSHB116.  Contact your State Representative and tell to support the historic tax credit provision of HCSSB100.  Find your local legislator using your full nine digit zip code here.