Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Proposed Demolitions to be Reviewed by the St. Louis Preservation Board

4217, 4221, 4223 and 4225 Arco Street


These four buildings are located in the Forest Park Southeast Historic District directly north of Manchester Avenue. An application for a demolition permit has been requested and will be reviewed by the Preservation Board.  These four residences were constructed been 1903 and 1908 and are contributing resources in the historic district.





 4942-44 Wise Avenue


This four family flat was constructed circa 1915 and is situated in the Kings Oak Neighborhood.  The building is not in a historic district nor individually listed on the National Register.  The building is owned by St. Louis University High School and an application for a demolition permit was submitted by Don Bellon.  The application will be reviewed by the Preservation Board on Monday, November 22nd.




To learn more about other items being reviewed by the Preservation Board, read their agenda at the Cultural Resource Office's website.