Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Missing Schnittmann Sculpture from 2675 Washington Ave.

The recent disappearance of the Schnittman sculpture, formerly situated on the facade of 2675 Washington Avenue, was brought to the attention of Landmarks Association by several of our memebers.  The piece, known as "Force of Modern Architecture" was created by New York native, Sacha S. Schnittmann.  Schnittmann arrived in St. Louis from New York in 1942 after being appointed Professor of Creative Sculpture and Anatomy at Fontbonne and Maryville Colleges. During the same year, Schnittmann was commissioned by the Monument Builders of America to design and create what became the American Legion Founding Commemorative Monument.  The monument is located in St. Louis at Eternal Flame Park bound by Olive, Pine, 13th and 14th Streets. After becoming frustrated with the St. Louis community due to its lack of an "artistic future", Schnittmann left St. Louis with his family in 1952.

 Sacha Schnittmann and "Force of Modern Architecture"


 American Legion Founding Commemorative Monument


The location of the missing sculpture, 2675 Washington Avenue, was the originally the office of local architect, Meyer Loomstein.  Specializing in architectural sculpture, Schnittmann worked with architects to create designs for public building and monuments. Schnittmann designed sculptures for Loomstein's "Guild" building in Clayton.  A second "Force of Modern Architecture" also exists on the exterior of Loomstein's former residence in Ladue.  The sculpture received the moniker "Battery Man" because the building at 2675 Washington Avenue was occupied by a battery retailer for several years.

     Loomstein's office at 2675 Washington Avenue