Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Landmarks Joins Center for Creative Learning Students in Exploring Architecture

| by Michael R. Allen, Former Assistant Director

December 18, 2008

Center for Creative Learning students talk with Landmarks'
Executive Director Jeff Mansell.

On Tuesday, December 16, Landmarks' staff visited the Open House at the Rockwoods School District Center for Creative Learning to view students' projects related to architecture.  Under the tutelage of teacher Pam Hausfather, the fifth-grade gifted students spend the fall studying architecture and historic preservation, including participation in Landmarks' "What Are Buildings Made Of?" program in October.  To conclude the semester, students created design projects in one of three areas: adaptive reuse of an endangered historic building in St. Louis, new construction using green technology and model Habitat for Humanity houses.  For the reuse projects, students consulted with members of Landmarks' staff for guidance.


What Are Buildings Made Of? is generously supported by the Regional Arts Commission.