Landmarks Association of St. Louis

Landmarks Association Joins Greater St. Louis Transit Alliance, Endorses Proposition M

October 23, 2008 



Landmarks Association of St. Louis is proud to announce that it has joined the Greater St. Louis Transit Alliance, a regional coalition working to improve and expand public transit throughout the St. Louis area.  Landmarks also has endorsed Proposition M, a sales tax measure on the November 4 St. Louis County ballot that would allow for expansion of MetroLink in St. Louis County. 

Landmarks strongly urges its members who live in St. Louis County to cast votes in favor of Proposition M.  Proposition M requests a 1/2-cent sales tax in St. Louis County for MetroLink expansion and operations. If it passes it will raise about $80 million per year. In addition, it will trigger a 1/4-cent sales tax in St. Louis City from a tax that was passed in the City in 1997. This revenue currently cannot be collected until the County passes a matching referendum which Proposition M would accomplish. A 1/2-cent sales tax costs the average family $50/year, about the cost of one tank of gas, or $4 per month.

Landmarks believes that expansion of mass tranit is crucial to creating and sustaining the urban population density needed to create walkable communities, enable historic preservation and foster quality new development.

The Greater St. Louis Transit Alliance is a growing coalition of organizations working to improve and expand public transit throughout the region.  Citizens for Modern Transit formed the Transit Alliance in order to give other St. Louis organizations who are committed to the  improving and expanding the bus and light rail system as a way of creating a growing and dynamic community that is an attractive place to live, work and raise a family. The immediate goal of the Alliance is to help pass Proposition M on November 4. Long term, Alliance members believe that the State of Missouri inadequately funds transit and plans to make this case with the new governor and legislature which will convene in January 2009.  For more information, click on the image above.